About Us
Our Firm

CarbonSolutions was founded in 1998 as the consulting arm of the International Carbon Bank and Exchange. At its inception, it was one of the first firms in North America to specialize in carbon accounting and management.

As an early pioneer in the carbon arena, our team has unparalleled expertise in carbon footprints, climate action plans, energy efficiency, carbon offsets, and training. Through our network of expert consultants and partners we provide a unique combination of specialized services that go beyond traditional consulting – such as customized IT and software solutions.

Our Clients

We work with corporations, utilities, universities, and local governments worldwide to quantify their emissions and find the most cost-effective means to reduce them. We realize that each of our clients is unique and treat every project accordingly – delivering customized solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money in the process.

Our Mission

At CarbonSolutions, our ultimate goal remains the same for every project: to maximize value for our clients by helping them leverage sustainability challenges into increased revenues, profitability, and competitive advantage. To this end, each of our team members is committed to the following core principles:

• We work with clients to gain a detailed understanding of their needs
• We are result-oriented and always keep the end goals in mind
• We value innovation and always look for better ways to solve problems
• We keep our clients in mind with every decision we make

We are passionate about the work we do and the clients we work with.