Mitigation Strategies
Strategic Planning

While measuring your organization’s carbon footprint is a necessary first step, the process does not end there. After creating a comprehensive GHG inventory, CarbonSolutions is committed to helping our clients reduce their impact. Our team will work with you to devise customized sustainability plans and climate action plans that improve operational efficiencies in your business, achieving cost savings in the process.

The first step in this process is identifying your largest emission sources through a thorough analysis of your inventory. The next step is conducting a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of your reduction opportunities. Only then can we design an effective reduction strategy, establish realistic goals, and prioritize efforts that yield the highest return on investment.

Our expertise are in the following areas:

• Energy Efficiency and Conservation
• Renewable Energy
• Fuel Switching
• Green Building
• Transportation Logistics
• Solid Waste
• Supply Chain
• Emerging Technologies

At CarbonSolutions, our goal is to leverage carbon footprint data to develop effective strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save you money in the process. Over the years, we have helped many organizations realize cost savings by helping them measure and manage their carbon footprint.

We can help you identify cost-saving opportunities that reduce your carbon impact.
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