Greenhouse Gas Accounting Online Course

A growing trend towards greenhouse gas reporting and regulation has prompted the need for a new skill set for corporations, consultants, engineering firms and auditors. As evidenced by Executive Order 13514, requiring Federal Agencies to reduce GHG emissions, the EPA’s Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule for industry, the SEC’s climate change disclosure guidance, and California's AB32, a large pool of specialists is needed to manage these processes.

Course Description
In the context of national and international greenhouse gas regulations and trends, this course focuses on how to measure, manage and report GHG emissions in conformance with widely accepted international standards (The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard and ISO 14064-1). By the end of the course attendees should have the skills necessary to create and report an organizational GHG inventory.

Course Format

The online course is a structured outline where professionals learn through video presentations, reference material, and quizzes. Approximate Duration is 16 hours to complete the material.

All course participants are sent a login and password after registration, and can complete these assessments at their convenience. Students who wish to obtain a Certificate of Completion need to successfully pass a series of assessment quizzes and a final exam, located within the CarbonSolutions online learning platform. Please allow up to 24 hours for login and password. To pass, participants must score 75% or higher, and complete the assessment before December 31st.

Key Concepts Covered

• Industry standards and protocols
• Planning a GHG inventory
• Creating a GHG inventory
• Reporting emissions over time
• Preparing for third-party verification

Who should participate?
This course is geared towards individuals tasked with GHG management, especially consultants, sustainability managers/officers, and government officials. For instance, an entity asks an environmental consulting firm to help address its GHG emissions by calculating its carbon footprint and developing mitigation strategies. This course will give learners the tools needed to address these kinds of scenarios.

Course Logistics
• Date: Anytime
• Time: Study at own pace
• Registration fee: $495.00 per participant
• Location
Continuing Education Credits
CEUs : 1.2
PDHs : 12.0

Technical Requirements

• Internet connection – DSL or higher
• Preferred browse: FireFox
• Audio – Standard headset and speakers

Who has taken this course?
Over 200 individuals have taken this course over the last 18 months, with occupations ranging from engineers & architects, state and public sector employees, to various consulting firms. Of the course participants, 14 have become accredited Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifiers. Among the participants were:

• HDR Engineering
• PBS&J Corporation
• CDM Environmental Consulting
• Walt Disney
• United Space Alliance
• Golder Associates
• Florida Power and Light
• WRScompass

  • Shell Engineering
• AirQuest Environmental
• Florida International University
• Georgia Pacific
• R.W. Beck
• Brown and Caldwell
• Kennedy Space Center NASA
• County Public Works officials

Course Instructors
MMark van Soestbergen President, International Carbon Bank and Exchange, Inc.
  Mark van Soestbergen, in conjunction with CarbonSolutions, is the course developer and instructor.

Mr. van Soestbergen has been in the greenhouse gas arena for 20 years. He started in 1990 by designing Carbon Zero Fuel strategies for a major Japanese oil company, and funded tree planting in Asia by selling ‘eco-car’ stickers to offset vehicle emissions. He has since worked on database solutions to track emission activities in large organizations and facilitated one of the first international transactions of verified emission reductions.

Mark is a nationally recognized lecturer on climate change adaptation strategies, provides carbon footprint training for members of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) and served as a co-chair at EPA's 16th and 17th Annual International Emissions Inventory Conference.
TTony Mullersman Associate, CarbonSolutions
tony   Tony Mullersman began working for CarbonSolutions in 2008, where he has focused on the evolving carbon markets, the policies and regulations driving these markets.

Mr. Mullersman has broad knowledge of the carbon space, specializing in carbon management and project development. He has experience in project finance, environmental markets, corporate strategy, emissions trading, and renewable energy sales. -- In his day-to-day activities Tony consults entities on corporate sustainability, in particular how carbon finance and EE/RE financing mechanisms can align their interests with national and international climate change and energy policy.

Mr. Mullersman has a Master’s Degree from the Hough Graduate Business School at the University of Florida and is an accredited Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier.

Coordinator: Tony Mullersman
mobile: (352) 281-5441
(352) 367-1144

Course Outline