GHG Accounting Terminology - CarbonSolutions Handbook for GHG Accounting Terminology

GHG Travel Log - Passport Size Flight Tracker for Carbon Footprint Records

Quantifying Household Energy Performance - Using Annual Community Baselines

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise - The Florida Oceans and Coastal Council

Emission Facts - Gasoline and Diesel - US EPA

ICE V2.0 Jan 2011 - (.xls) For NAVFAC Course - Inventory of Carbon & Energy (ICE) Summary

NAVFAC Exercise - (.xls) For NAVFAC Course - Example and DIY tabs help participants convert material choice to emission footprint.

ICF GHG Inventory - (.pdf) For GHG Accounting Course - helps participants read summarized emission footprint.

UN GHG Inventory Presentation - (.ppt) For GHG Accounting Course - helps participants understand one organziation's challenges in creating a GHG footprint.

Carbon Footprint of Air Travel (.pdf) A 2019 overview of Global Air Travel patterns - helps readers get an understanding of the key elements in emissions at altitude.

UF Carbon Neutral Master Plan Review - May 29, 2008 (.pdf) A 2008 review of the Master Plan of the University of Florida - with carbon neutrality as the primary focus.

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