2010 Interns
Alex Rodriguez Marketing
Alex Rodriguez is a 3rd year student at the University of Florida. She is currently working on attaining her Bachelor Degree in Marketing, and her minor in Mass Communications. She intends to continue her education through the Master of Arts: International Business Program at UF. Alex began working in the marketing sector in 2009 as a Public Relations Associate at Aylwin Communications in the UK. She is a member of Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity at the University of Florida, in which she has held many executive positions: Vice President of Fundraising, Historian, Vice President of Alumni Relations, and Social Committee. She has volunteered with Relay for Life since 2007, and has been selected to be the Marketing & Publicity Co-Chair for Relay in March 2011.
Danielle Soriano Civil Engineering
Danielle Soriano is a Civil Engineering student with a minor in Urban & Regional Planning and is currently attending the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. While interning with the International Carbon Bank and Exchange, she researched water and wastewater treatment and the energy involved in the process. She also has experience working with traffic programs such as CORSIM and FREEVAL while doing research with a University of Florida professor of transportation. Danielle is a member of several groups including Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Apart from attending meetings, she has coordinated community service events, athletic events, and socializing events. In addition, she has participated in regional conferences and professional development events. In her free time, Danielle enjoys playing sports, socializing with friends, and is learning to play the guitar.
Jacquelyn Neal Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Jacquelyn Neal is a third-year Agricultural and Biological Engineering major, specializing in Biological Engineering. After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree, she hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and become a Professional Engineer (PE). She is a member of the Fundraising and Banquet Planning committees of Engineers Without Borders, Treasurer of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL; a national business organization), and will be co-instructing a freshman seminar class this fall. She attended the PBL Florida State Leadership Convention, earning 1st in Statistical Analysis and 3rd in International Business. She just returned from the PBL National Leadership Convention, placing 2nd in Statistical Analysis and 7th in International Business. She enjoys Gator Football games, reading novels, snorkeling, and boating.
Russ Skibicki Administration – European Union
Russ Skibicki is a fourth year senior at the University of Florida. He is a Business Administration Major with a specialization in European Union Studies. In addition, he also is pursuing a minor in Eastern European Studies and Entrepreneurship. Once he finishes his masters in International Business at UF, he is hoping to pursue a career in International Business that would allow him to travel between the United States and Europe. Russ’s professional interest in European studies stems from his love of travel and Polish Heritage. He studied abroad and interned in London, in the Fall of 2009, which helped solidify his inclination on wanting to work abroad. He is fluent in English, Polish and has intermediate knowledge in French.
Olivia McKay Civil Engineering
Olivia McKay is a student at the University of Florida in Civil and Coastal Engineering. Her key technical interests are within the water resources and geotechnical specialties. Olivia is actively involved in professional student organizations such as Engineering Without Borders and Habitat for Humanity. Collectively through voluntary and research experience Olivia has charted projects in water management and distribution, ground water contaminant fate and soil site evaluation.

She enjoys volunteering with her church’s hospitality group, travelling and gourmet cooking. In her spare time, she participates in food tours, health and fitness seminars and plans parties for several occasions.
Justin McPhee Marketing
Justin McPhee is a student in the Fisher School of Accounting who is currently working towards his Masters in Accounting and his CPA. He got his introduction to the field through his family ties in accounting, and with his love of math and numbers found accounting to be the field that interests him the most. He is a member of the Undergraduate Ethics Fellows, a selective business organization that focuses on ethics in the workplace, and is currently the organizations treasurer. Justin also works part time at the Gator Corner Dining Center, and in his free time enjoys going to the gym and playing Frisbee.
Ying Liu Marketing
Ying is a business school student with Information Technology knowledge. She has extensive knowledge of both business and computers, and is familiar with Database Query, System Designing, some software, merchandising plans and business rules.

Ying is an outgoing girl with colorful character and rational brain, who demosntrates passion in life and study. Her role was to initiate contact with academic institutions in mainland China for environmental education programs developed at CarbonSolutions. Whenever Ying takes a mission or makes a promise, she is sure to accomplish it and does her best to make it wonderful.
Ariana Ramdin Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ariana Ramdin is a second-year student at the University of Florida. She was born in Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean, and moved to West Palm Beach, Florida at the age of 8. She is currently majoring in Food Science and Human Nutrition with a specialization in Food Science. One possible career goal that she is considering is attempting to become a product tester for the Good Housekeeping Research Institute in New York City. She enjoys testing out new home appliances and cleaning products so making that a career one day would be a dream of hers. Currently, she is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Caribbean Students’ Association. She hopes to travel in the future and further her studies past a B.S. degree.
Kate Leavitt English
Kate Leavitt is a fourth-year English major at the University of Florida. She has experience in video-editing, photography, editing and marketing. Though fascinated by all forms of mass communication, Kate is planning to pursue a job in the publishing industry after she graduates in spring 2011. She is currently an intern at Naylor, LLC in the editing department and works at Gatormoto as a receptionist during the school year. She loves to watch movies, play board games and exercise, and is very excited for the upcoming UF football season! Go Gators!